Arden Group’s success in creating value and delivering consistent returns from our investments is a result of our adherence to three core strengths:

  • Value enhancement through integrated investments and operations – Our in-house expertise in acquisitions, development, financing, asset repositioning, leasing, property management, and dispositions enables Arden Group to manage the full life cycle of our investments. Our collaborative company culture ensures that these disciplines work in tandem to maximize the economic potential of our assets.
  • Complementary equity and debt investment strategies – As a value-add equity and debt investor, we identify opportunities that require capital and determine if equity or debt is the best fit to achieve the project’s objectives. Our ability to be a provider of both equity and debt capital enhances our deal sourcing and broadens our shared market knowledge.
  • Focused, disciplined management with significant co-investment – Arden Group is a privately-held firm focused on commercial real estate. Arden Group’s senior executives possess an average of 30 years of real estate and related finance experience. Our results validate a consistent commitment to capital preservation and value creation. Significant co-investments by our principals in the funds and joint-ventures that we manage ensure alignment of interests.