Ms. Spencer joined Arden after working on her own startup, aimed at establishing a direct-to-consumer data economy by providing a simple tool for ownership, management, and monetization of personal data. Through her entrepreneurial experience, she learned the founder side of the venture capital world and honed her fundraising and advisory board building skills. During this time, she also played an integral role in the Arden CEO’s strategic venture investments. Taylor is a member of Women In Prop Tech (WIPT), and ULI, Los Angeles; selected as a “Shark” for ULI’s Technology and Innovation 2022 Shark Tank Event.

Taylor earned her BA at the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated with honors, two majors and a minor. She used her time in Philadelphia to continuously educate herself on Arden’s growing business. Taylor went on to be part of the prestigious Page Program at NBCUniversal, where she worked her way up to being a producer for the media giant on existing hit shows like THE VOICE, as well as pilots for original concepts; including FUNDED, a hopeful competitor to CBS’s SHARK TANK, but with a venture capital fund approach.